eF Be dan test nya...

One thing I love about Facebook was and will be the personality test…

And most of all…hasilnya…gue itu :

[satu] introvert, well ini mungkin karena proses “pingit” yang gue alamin selama belasan tahun…honestly, issue gue tentang ketidakmampuan gue bersosialisasi dengan mudah…I’ll blame my parents for not having me spending my time with my neighborhoods. “Gak boleh keluar rumah selain untuk ke sekolah” have made me an introvert. Jadi jangan salah sangka klo gue gak negur2…bukan karena gue sombong…really…it’s because I don’t know what to say and most of all, I DON’T HAVE THAT COURAGE to do the basa-basi stuffs…and that’s perhaps why I hate basa basi. But, also because of that…I’m not that infected with the local dialect from my neighborhood [hellow, gunakan huruf “g” pada tempat yang semestinya, bedakan “e” dan “é”]…which makes me easier to talk and to write in Indonesian in EYD stuffs. And I hope this make up for it.

In YM with my old friend:

A : “You know, you have that gift…to easily arranging a words. In old days, saya selalu mikir klo kamu itu bakal kuliah di fakultas HI…ato kerja di bagian Public Relationship Department, tapi ya itu…bawaannya kamu yang gak bisa bersosialisasi itu yang bikin masalah…Roughly it’s like BANCI TAMPIL yang DEMAM PANGGUNG, kombinasi yang somewhat gak klop banget”
Z : “Thanks for the metaphor…”
A : “Well thank you…but as I typed…kan “roughly”…
Z : “Iya sih…”
A : “Else more, an introvert itu gak cocok buat jadi spokesperson…believe me!”
Z : “…”
A : “You just need a guts to do it…”
Z : “You tell me…”

[dua] skeptic, yeah…I don’t really know why I’m having this trait…but probably it was my anxious trait that has been evolved…huh, named it…skeptic-to-be-anxious trait? But, this trait is the one that holding me back…scared me to make a move…scared of a life after I realize that some part of life is a reformed-reformatted-gambles. IMO

[tiga] materialistic…what else do you call for a person who love money? Come on, hari gini…buka mata dong…i need money, you need money, we all need money, but more than "need"...gue udah nyampe ditahap "love"...parah!

[empat] caring, loving, sensitive, emotional …don’t need to BRAG about these…

Zul, i love personality test

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